I can't promise that this is any good, but I would like to share with you my first fanfic. It's an AU-ish take on Tetsuo's self-destructive inclinations and his relationship with Kaori. I love Akira and don't want this community to die...
There is simply not enough fan serivce out there, which is unfortunate, because Akira is truly a beautiful piece of work.
A strong influence for my writing was:

I was born into this
Everything turns to shit
The boy that you loved is the man that you fear
Pray until your number,
Asleep from all your pain,
Your apple has been rotting
Tomorrow's turned up dead
I have it all and I have no choice but to
I'll make everyone pay and you will see
You can kill yourself now
Because you're dead
In my mind
The boy that you loved is the monster you fear
Peel off all those eyes and crawl into the dark,
You've poisoned all of your children to camouflage your scars
Pray unto the splinters, pray unto your fear
Pray your life was just a dream
The cut that never heals
Pray now baby, pray your life was just a dream
(I am so tangled in my sins that I cannot escape)
Pinch the head off, collapse me like a weed
Someone had to go this far

Marilyn Manson----Man that you Fear

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Hi. Just doing a little shameless plugging. (Tried to post once here, it didn't come up - sorry if it does appear twice, I'll try and fix it asap if so.)

[Title] Crime and Punishment: An Akira Battle Royale
[Rating] R
[Warnings] Some original characters; character death
[Summary] Neo-Tokyo is tired of its delinquent youth. Twenty-six vocational school kids, including Kaneda and his friends, are chosen to play a new game... it's a fight to the death, and only one will survive.
[Link] Crime and Punishment: An Akira Battle Royale

Cross-posted a little, so sorry if you see this more than once.
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Screencap request

Hey -

After a morning of Googling, I've come to the conclusion I can't make screencaps on my computer. Is there anyone on here who can and if so would they be willing to make a few screencaps for me? I need a picture of the non-named people in Kaneda's gang and the three girls who hang round them. Just thought I'd ask.

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Hi. I live. Thanks to the lovely people who have joined this com and helped keep it alive while I just... dropped off from the face of the Earth. It was nice rotating around but you can only be a universal drifter for long, so I came back and decided to probe Live Journal around a bit. Being the nice weirdo I am, I come back not-empty handed:

The other day, I tried to rekindle my Akira interest after wrestling around with canon in other fandoms, realizing how easily I can write it as I have been worshipping the damn fandom since, I don't know, when I was 15? Jr. Highish? (I forgot the UK equivalent, sorry). I remember starting up a free-for-all drabbles revival topic at another forum and so I wrote some things to help revive the deadness that happened in my absence there too.

In short, I wrote several Akira drabbles. One is a series of three that is probably corn and cheese, another for a triple-contest being held at the Harukiya Bar and another I did while feeling down. The last two are also corn and cheese but I like them a little more since I have been trying to write the rustiness off (haven't written anything serious after Nanowrimo).

Drabbles are excellent rusty-writing killers since you don't have to dwell on getting from Point A to Point B as you already are writing the delicious bits. So, I think I'll kick this post off with the Sunrise Trilogy:

(Forgive me of any errors. I don't have Word on this laptop and I had to get a friend to edit and wordcount these for me. The last one I am especially worried about as no one checked it for me and I had to rely on my shoddy judgement. Blah blah. End whines here.)

OverpassCollapse )

Pack AnimalsCollapse )

OpenCollapse )

And now, the last two. These take place during manga-verse, and one deals with Tetsuo, another with Kaori. They kind of compliment each other:

Staring at the WallCollapse )

The GullsCollapse )

Phew, okay, I'm done. Like I did with the Megaman Legends fandom, I might create an Akira drabbles thing for myself on since after taking a break from the fandom, I haven't seen too many things added. Boo hoo!

(Just wait until creates a policy against drabbles. Jeezus.)

On a random note, anyone remember when I was a borderline purple prose writer? Tallulah? Keet?
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Tetsuo Sighting

Guess what I saw today?!

Okies, so my mom was driving me home from school today. We were on the freeway when I spotted a black sports car. The sport car's license plate said Testuo! I said, "OMG, it's Testuo!!!" and my mom looked at me weird and said, "Who's Tetsuo?" and I said, "Just somebody." My mom doesn't know anything about AKIRA, heheh... Then my mom sped up until we were adjacent to the sports car. The driver was a dark-haired Asian talking on a cellphone. I waved at the driver and he saw me and waved back X3

That made my day :O